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Karin Sloove
Onze Toptrainer Karin Sloove

My name is Karin Sloove,

35 years and with 10 years of experience in triathlon sport, I was a bit of a late bloomer in (endurance) sport. Caused by a car accident and therefore rehabilitation, I have been back in my “natural habitat”, the mountains, in recent years. Not only because of the Xtreme triathlons that I do, but finally also climbing again, as an alpinist, as a mountain biker, cross-country skier, tour skier and trail runner. I really enjoy combining and transferring all the experience I have gained in the various sports and disciplines.

In the various sports I have followed several training classes (not always completed due to my aversion to paperwork :-)), including triathlon related Triathlon trainer 3 and KNZB (dutch) swim trainer 2. In addition to a theoretical basis, I can also rely on a substantial portion of experience in all kinds of different (competition) situations and wrong actions and decisions that have made me aware of damage and disgrace. That is why I strive to provide participants with as much baggage as possible in order to be able to decide for themselves what suits them best.

In addition to my normal work as a consultant, all other available time is spent on sports or supervising and / or training others with and during exercise.

Mijn Sportavontuur

Marjan van Galen
Onze Trainster Marjan Van Galen

Hello, I’m Marjan van Galen…

In the year 2018 I was a participant myself at and I was very enthusiastic about this training week. As a triathlon trainer in training, I also learned new skills that week.

In addition, I fully enjoyed the enthusiasm and knowledge of Karin and Arthur. In June 2019 I shared my passion and knowledge about the triathlon sport as a trainer, sports care masseur and Iron (wo) man.

“Oh yes, and I have been able to turn my hobbies into my work, how cool is that?”

MVG sport

Arthur Mekenkamp
Arthur Mekenkamp Na De Finish Van De Hele Triathlon In Almere

Hello, I’m Arthur Mekenkamp…

… together with my wife Caroline, I run Le Petit Mas d’ile and since 2013 we organize the now famous triathlon training weeks. In addition to being a fanatical triathlete, I’m also one of the supervisors during the training weeks.

As a very stiff person my parents brought me to a track and field club when I was 12 years old. I could not run 1000 meters. Through the famous 11 cities speed skating tour in 1985 I became infected by what we now know as endurance sport. In 1986 I rode this speed skating tour (200+  km) myself, made my debut in 1987 on the 1/4 triathlon and in 1989 on the entire triathlon.

Since then the sport has been embraced and therefore more than 30 years of triathlon experience. Together with Karin and / or Marjan we will ensure you that every training week, triathlon or any other sport, will be an unforgettable week.

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