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The organized weeks in 2021

1) Trainingsweek Triathlon 17 – 24 april

Triathlonweek based on full board. Every aspect of a triathlon will be dealt with, from start to finish, incl T1 and T2 and of course we will have several training blocks.

2) Training week Triathlon April 25 – May 2 

Triathlon week, also full board, suitable for both the starting and the advanced athlete. On Saturday May 2nd a number (or all participants) will participate in the Lacanau half triathlon. The registration of that competition will be arranged by and of course you can also book the week as a “normal” training week ……….. including lazing around and eating very tasty.

(as the triathlon will take place on a saturday, this week will be held from sunday to sunday, all other weeks go from saturday tot saturday)

3) Training week Triathlon 8 – 15 may 

Same as the first week

4) Training week Triathlon 15 – 22 may (FULL)

Triathlonweek, full board. Again suitable for the advanced as starting athlete. The progrma will be adjusted to the participants and if needed there will be 2 seperate programs.

More information or making a reservation?

14 - 21 may (triathlon training - FULL)21 - 28 may (triathlon training)11 - 18 june (triathlon training)27 aug - 3 sept (triathlon training)

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