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Our goal!

The set up of our triathlon training weeks is done in such a way that both the beginner and the (advanced) triathlete will find what they are looking for, even when they join together the same week.

Every week has accents on the T1 and T2, but also “how to train” will be discussed as well as the various techniques. And a training week without “kilometers” is not a training week.

As a beginner you go home with lots of tips and tricks.
As an advanced athlete, the “aha” and “oh yes” will regularly come by.

Example triathlon program

In the coming years the various programs will be published here.
The example given below is therefore “a possibility”

Programs are adjusted as needed during the week. This can be caused by both the weather and the physical condition of the participants that day.

Maar Ook Een Aangepast Programma Is Mogelijk
Een Voorbeeld Programma Van Hoe Wij Werken
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